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MLB News: Beltre, Lee, Pena and More

There have certainly been some interesting things going on this off season. Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford both hit 7 year home runs. Derek Jeter and the Yankees stopped the insanity and saved face. Fan favorite Paul Konerko returns to the White Sox teaming up with newly acquired slugger Adam Dunn. Adrian Beltre and Cliff Lee however still remain the two big fish in the pond.

Before I get to the big fish, I'd like to mention a word about Carlos Pena who has to feel that he's one of the most fortunate men alive at the moment. I'm guessing that there are people who have won the lottery that didn't have the fortune that Pena has had this off-season. We are all conscious of the huge deals that Scott Boras gets for his mega star clients, but some of the contracts he gets for the lesser known players are truly something to behold.  If there is anyone who ever doubted Scott Boras' worth to a MLB player, consider the fact that he was able to get Oliver Perez a three year $36 million contract that the Mets are still paying and he's now managed to get the .196 hitting modern day Mario Mendoza $10 million. 

I haven't heard too much about it it, probably because it's only a one year rental deal and there have been 7 year $100 million pus deals flying all over the place, but am I the only one amazed that Carlos Pena who hit .196 last year didn't have to take a pay cut in signing with the Chicago Cubs? Exactly who were the Cubs bidding against at that price? Were teams actually tripping over themselves to sign Pena for $10 million? I know the Cubs are looking at a one year stop gap and have their eyes set on making a run at Prince Fielder, but $10 million? That's more than $105,000 for each of the 95 hits Pena had last year!

The Mendoza line should officially now be referred to as the Pena line.

Getting paid $10 million for hitting under .200 is definitely more worthy of the nick name than anything Mario Mendoza ever did.

Adrian Beltre

Beltre is sitting in a sweet spot right now because he knows the Angels need him. They are desperate. There just aren't any other big-time free agents out there who can boost their line-up, and they need a third basement to boot.

The Angels need to be careful here and not wait too long because the Rangers and Rockies basically have a deal done that would send Michael Young to the Rockies if they can find a third team to make the deal work. If that happens, the Rangers are also believed to be interested in Beltre and the price to the Angels will sky rocket from the already lofty levels.

Cliff Lee

Check out what Lee is doing to pass the time while the Yankees, Rangers and a mystery third team all try to out-do themselves.

Check out the Free Agent Tracker updated daily to find out who is going where. - Mike Cardano

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