Adam “Pacman” Jones Admits He Was Pathetic Back in the Day

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Adam “Pacman” Jones will be speaking at the NFL rookie symposium this year. He will obviously have a lot to share, especially since he was just ordered to pay $11 million to the strip club shooting victims he encountered back in 2007.

Jones currently serves as cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals, and has apparently already given some pointers to the team’s rookie corner, Dre Kirkpatrick.

“I haven’t had anything negative from him,” Kirkpatrick told “He doesn’t want to see me following in his footsteps. Just being around the wrong people. Surrounding myself with not a lot of positive people. Those are the things that he’s been trying to tell me.”

Jones admitted about his past, saying he was “pathetic” with his money.

“I was pathetic,” Jones said. “I had no respect for the money I got. I had respect for football. [But] I acted like I was still hanging out in college. I didn’t realize the scrutiny that came with it.”

We're looking forward to see what Jones has to say at the symposium. Hopefully the rookies won’t ever make the same mistake he did.

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