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Adam Dunn – Yes, That Adam Dunn – Makes Glorious Pitching Debut

The huge heap of humanity known as Adam Dunn pitched an inning of baseball for the White Sox yesterday, and while his future as a pitcher is limited at best, it sure made for some great entertainment.

Dunn, who used to play first base but now spends his days as a designated hitter, was called on to pitch the ninth inning last night with his team down 15-0 to the Rangers. Dunn apparently has been begging manager Robin Ventura to let him pitch for some time now, and the blowout game presented a perfect opportunity.

So how did Dunn do? Not too bad! Sure, he gave up one run on two hits, but things could’ve gone much worse for the lunky slugger.

After the game, White Sox center fielder Adam Eaton complemented Dunn on the movement he had on his pitches.

“I haven’t laughed on a baseball field like that in a long time,” Eaton said. “It takes you back to the glory days and like I said, he had good sink, that’s all I can say."

Watch Dunn’s first, and probably only, career inning of pitching here:


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