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Accused Child Molester Jerry Sandusky Got Rich by Hanging Out with Little Boys

The Jerry Sandusky-Penn State child molestation scandal is about to get even more gruesome.

It's already been established that Sandusky, for years leading up to his eventual arrest, had lived as some sort of Mother Teresa figure among folks that knew him. As a perceived consummate professional who devoted his time and energy "selflessly" to helping poor, helpless children.

Of course, that was all proven to be false, but that's beside the point.

It appears as though Sandusky wasn't just doing what he was doing to "help the kids" and allegedly feed his sick needs as we previously thought, though.

According to tax documents unearthed by the good folks at Deadspin, alleged serial child rapist Sandusky made over $450,000 while creating his own personal perverted candy store in the form of The Second Mile charity.

As per the report:

Easily the most disturbing is the amount of money Jerry Sandusky earned through his nonprofit organization after 1998, when at least one person affiliated with The Second Mile learned that Sandusky was under investigation for sexual misconduct.

The total this guy allegedly earned? $456,000.

How exactly did a man who had been thoroughly investigated for inappropriate behavior with at least one young boy, who admitted to inappropriate behavior with a young boy, make them much money?

In 2001, The Second Mile started paying Sandusky an annual "consulting" fee of $57,000, according to the IRS records. The Second Mile only stopped paying Sandusky in 2009, after the charity also decided to stop Sandusky from camping out with young boys. Even without the allegations that Sandusky used the charity to find victims, this kind of gravy-ladling should make everyone sick. Think of it this way: In eight years, Jerry Sandusky made more money showing up at golf courses and steak dinners than most Americans do working every day.

Fear not, though – plenty of others profited from this nonprofit as well.

Also noteworthy are the salaries of the top employees at The Second Mile, who gave themselves raises almost every year, even as the economy withered. The Second Mile's president and CEO Jack Raykovitz has cleared over $1 million in direct compensation since 1998. Raykovitz's total in that span: $1,300,145.

Raykovitz's right-hand-woman, Katherine Genovese, has been with the charity since 1998 and made almost as much money as her boss. Genovese's total direct compensation since then: $912,563. The other longtime employee of the charity is Henry Lesch, who started with Genovese. He made $793,667 in the same span.


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