Accusations of Match-Fixing at the World Cup (Video)


Controversy is swirling around the World Cup as to whether or not there was match-fixing during the soccer game between Cameroon and Croatia on June 18, and possibly two other games.

A man named Wilson Raj Perumal correctly predicted on his Facebook page that Croatia would defeat Cameroon 4-0 and that Cameroon would have a player (Alex Song) sent off the field in the first half, leaving the Cameroon team with ten players (video below).

According to the German magazine Der Spiegel, Perumal has been implicated in match-fixing for 20 years and spent time in jail.

"In this team there are seven bad apples," Perumal wrote on his Facebook page about the Cameroon team, which he said intentionally lost all three of their games (Brazil, Mexico, Croatia) at the World Cup.

Cameroon's football federation Fecafoot has promised to investigate the claims by Perumal.

"Recent allegations of fraud around Cameroon's three 2014 World Cup games, especially Cameroon v Croatia, as well as the existence of ‘seven bad apples [in our national team]’ do not reflect the values and principles promoted by our administration," Fecafoot's interim president, Joseph Owona, said in a statement, notes The Guardian.

"We wish to inform the general public that, though not yet contacted by FIFA in regards to this affair, our administration has already instructed its Ethics Committee to further investigate these accusations. We are strongly committed to employ all means necessary to resolve this disruptive matter with the shortest delay," Owona added.

The Telegraph reports that a source close to the Cameroon team stated: "Alex Song has no knowledge whatsoever of any incident involving match-fixing."

FIFA, which governs the World Cup, has not announced any investigation on its part.

Sources: Der Spiegel, The Guardian, The Telegraph


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