Was Aaron Rodgers Right About Jets Weak Crowd?


Rodgers wasn't shaken by the crowd.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers expected a hostile environment when they traveled to the drab, gray new monolith that is the New Meadowlands Stadium.

It wasn’t that wild to be honest with you,” Rodgers told Jay Glazer on FOXSports.com’s After Party show.  “Fans, a lot of them didn’t show up until the second quarter,” Rodgers said. “And it wasn’t as loud as I expected.  All of us were very surprised, a 5-1 team, as well as they were playing, it wasn’t a louder stadium.”

I was at the Jets-Vikings game, sitting in the crowd. It was ear-splitting to start the game, but then was fairly subdued after that.  I gave the crowd a pass because we all got absolutely soaked by torrential downpours.
Jets fans will defend their performance against Green Bay by saying that it’s hard to cheer when the home team is getting shutout, but perhaps Rex Ryan has already spoiled the home faithful. Or maybe they were worried about their Halloween costumes.

“I saw some crazy guy dressed up in some Jets fireman outfit,” Rodgers joked. -Pro Football Talk

Well here comes PFT with their hard hitting excellent journalism. The crowd was quiet at the Meadowlands? No way! Maybe after the 75th dropped pass of the day, it took the air out of the crowd. PFT just continues to amaze me, lately it’s been Mike Florio fabricating stories about Jason Taylor then coming back firing at Taylor.

Yes, Jason.  I had nothing better to do on Saturday afternoon in Manhattan, so I put the name of all aging players whose best days are long behind them into a hat and pulled out one for the purposes of reporting that he plans to retire after the season.  After all, who doesn’t love to read on a Saturday afternoon a story about a guy who isn’t the player he used to be thinking about doing what many think he should have already done? -TJB

Real professional journalism there Florio, that’s something I would expect out of myself, not from someone who is actually paid to report about the Jets. And that’s pretty harsh talking to a future Hall of Famer like you are accomplished in anything other than your Junior High chess club. I’m not one to call out a fellow blogger or reporter, but Florio seems to think he is some kind of elite presence in the world. The guy is a straight up moron. Sorry Jason Taylor made Varsity as a freshman and you’re ass was a senior on the sidelines filling up the water bottles.

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