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Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Like How the 49ers Treated Alex Smith

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows a thing or two about being mistreated by NFL teams and fans.

In 2005, the year he entered the draft, Rodgers was forced to sit through 23 other names being called before the Green Bay Packers finally selected him. Upon being taken in the first round, he was relegated to the bench behind Brett Favre – a guy who wasn’t particularly enthralled with the idea of mentoring his replacement.

The year after Favre departed, Rodgers' critics pointed to the fact that he underachieved with a team that his predecessor had been more successful with. Then, when Rogers ultimately won a Super Bowl, folks tried to discredit the feat by suggesting that his team was stacked.

Rodgers has a very big chip on his shoulder (for obvious reasons), and he understandably has a soft spot in his heart for quarterbacks who he feels have been mistreated. One quarterback who falls into that category according to him: Alex Smith.

While most are now praising Jim Harbaugh’s decision to replace Smith with Colin Kaepernick, Rodgers thinks the situation wasn’t handled the way it should have been.

“Alex and I are buddies, we both got drafted in 2005 NFL Draft, and he’s been through a lot,” Rodgers told NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano (via Larry Brown Sports). “I can’t imagine to have to go through that many offensive coordinators and the turnover in coaches has been tough for him.

“He comes in, he’s 70 percent completion, he’s 100-plus quarterback rating last year, he’s like barely over one percent interception percentage,” Rodgers went on. “He’s a great quarterback, he just needs to go somewhere he gets appreciated for the skills he has and hopefully he gets a chance next year.”

It’s probably safe to say that everyone appreciates Rodgers’ loyalty – but he doesn’t really have a point. Yes, the manner in which Smith lost his job was moderately shady, but the only reason he still had his job in the first place is because Harbaugh saved his career. Prior to that, he was the bust of all busts. If Smith goes elsewhere at any point in the foreseeable future, it will be strictly the result of Harbaugh performing mouth to mouth to his career.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

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