College Football Analysis: Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt


It’s really getting ridiculous.

Every single game is the same story.

We give up points early and then our offense starts clicking later in the game and everyone on defense not named Trevathan pretty much sucks all the way through.

Vanderbilt was missing their top two running backs and still managed to compile over 200 yards on the ground. They got 17 yards from Eric Samuels, a defensive back.

Are we not playing the right music before the game? Are the fans not energized enough to help the team begin games at a high level? I honestly don’t know how we manage to begin every game in the same terrible fashion. I guess it could be game planning but are our coaches really that bad? I mean it’s Vanderbilt!

We went 3 and out on our first two drives and Vanderbilt was able to string together 10 plays, including a 31 yard run by Kenard Reeves in which nearly every member of the defense missed a tackle, culminating in a field goal on their first time with the ball.

Just for some fun perspective, as a senior, Kenard Reeves has only had 3 times in his career in which he accumulated more than 31 yards in an entire game and his 105 yards against UK was 30 more than he had tallied in this entire season.

Aside from the usual mistakes, there was a lot to be happy about after this game.

First and foremost, today was senior day for a group of players that have been around for some of the best years in the history of UK football. A huge thank you goes out to all of the seniors. Really a great class with extremely talented players like Derrick Locke and some true class acts like Moncell Allen and Ricky Lumpkin. Also a special thank you to Mike Hartline who took more flak than one young man should have to take from a fan base and was able to come in this year and play great. You’ll all be missed.

We’re also bowl eligible! I know some fans get upset about going to a lower tier bowl for the fifth year in a row but just the fact that we’re going to a bowl for a fifth, consecutive year is something to be extremely excited about. The players love going to bowl games and it provides the team with an extra month of practice and a chance for recruits to see the cats in post season action, which is always good.

Routing Vandy was exactly what we needed going into an extremely important Tennessee game in two weeks. It takes a lot of pressure off the team since we gained bowl eligibility and it should provide some strong momentum for our match up with the Vols. We were hanging our heads in the middle of the season but I know the players will be focused and excited for a game that can turn this season from a slightly disappointing one to a successful one.

One guy that is sure to be focused is Randall Cobb. Randall put us on his shoulders, once again, against Vandy and was able to carry us to victory. He generates the plays necessary to win the game. A lot of speculation has surrounded the fact that he brought two bus loads of family and friends from Alcoa to the game today.

Randall admitted that he would look into the draft at the end of the year but that’s only reasonable after the season he’s had. Even if he does leave for the bright lights and massive fines of the NFL, the game against Tennessee will be the most important game of Cobb’s career.

A win in his home state over the team that spurned him to snap our quarter century losing streak would solidify Randall’s status as a University of Kentucky legend and would be the most fitting time for him to leave.

If this was Randall’s last game in Commonwealth Stadium then it has been a fantastic three years. He’ll always be one of my favorites and I’d love to see him go out with a huge win over the Vols.

Go Cats!

Go Randall!


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