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NBA: Knicks Deserved Nothing Less than Celtics Beatdown

I gotta admit: I was impressed.  After calling the Celtics out after the first two games for playing down to their vastly inferior competition, Boston put on a flawless Game 3 performance and a stellar Game 4 showing, to sweep their vastly inferior opponent.

I was anticipating a hostile crowd (check) of belligerent Knick fans (check) who certainly at some point in time if you began arguing with them about basketball would mention the Yankees and baseball.  After Game 2, I was uncertain of how the Celtics would react in said environment.  

Well on Friday night they never gave them any chance and yesterday, even when the game got really close down the stretch, they were able to show true resolve.  Knicks fans were desperate for absolutely anything to cheer about (they were close to giving standing ovations for Celtic turnovers or fouls).  But the Celts kept a level-head and were able to focus in on the task at hand.  Even with the corpse of Anthony Carter playing the game of his life, Boston was able to prevail.  It was a thing of beauty to behold.

The bench which had taken a lot of criticism in this series as a whole, showed signs of life these past 2 games. I liked how Jeff Green played on Friday night.  Krstic and Glen Davis played well yesterday.  Jermaine's been starting but he's a complementary player right now and is doing a hell of a job starting.  And Delonte showed some signs yesterday (still flabbergasted how that was a technical for his clean block on Landry "Havlicek" Fields; it was all ball).  Speaking of Fields, he's useless and that comparison made by Donnie Walsh was egregious.

Here's hoping Shaq will come back and the bench can continue to make progress.  Davis, Green, and Delonte all have the ability to be starters in this league.  They have to continue to perform, especially in this next round.

Oh yeah and Carmelo's still a freaking loser.

Sometimes people associate being a "real fan" without ever being critical.  My fanhood for the Celtics can never be questioned; I was just mightily perturbed with how they played those first 2 games.  That was my reasoning behind the article.  Perhaps Doc read it to them on the bus over to inspire them and remind them how much of a better team they are than NY.  Here's hoping that concentration and level of play can carry over into the next round.  I'm convinced the winner of the Boston-Miami series wins the title.  Let's go C's, 12 more W's...


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