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The Super Bowl’s on the horizon!

Barely have the waves generated by the Championship weekend subsided, the sports world is already looking ahead to the Super Bowl and analyzing the two teams that will match skills in it, from a wide variety of angles. This is one of the first such head to head analysis articles we’ll run this week, and in the series, we’ll try to cover every single Packers-Steelers matchup we can think of, except for maybe the ‘who has better hair’ thing which is not likely to prove in any way influential over the eventual outcome of the confrontation.

First of all, the most important match-up of all, the championships vs championships one: the Steelers have 6 Super Bowl titles. The Packers have 12 Championships, but in all honesty, 9 of those were pre-Super Bowl titles, so one can’t really count them as the real McCoy. If we look strictly at Super Bowl titles, the score is 6-3 in favor of the Steelers. The QB vs QB match-up will beyond doubt be one of the keys to this year’s Super Bowl. Both Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers are bona fide tough guys, but more importantly, beyond the tough guy status, they’re both established and highly valued QBs, among the top 5-6 in the league. They also both know that the QB to win this showdown will probably be declared the NFL’s best, quite a flattering honor as fleeting as it may be, because it will last at least till the first week of the 2011 season.

The coach vs coach match-up is at least as interesting as the QB vs QB one. Mike Tomlin reached the Super Bowl twice already in 4 years. Mike McCarthy had to win 3 games on the road to get there. Will the victorious coach be declared the league’s best in a heartbeat? You bet. Is winning the Super Bowl the ultimate goal of every single NFL coach? You bet.

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