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Championship weekend recap

The Bears vs Packers match-up was a tale of two different halves, which fully exposed the strengths and the weaknesses of both teams involved. The first half obviously belonged to Green Bay. The Packers were quite unstoppable and looked like a true title contender indeed. The Bears on the other hand found themselves cryogenically frozen, together with the fans from the stands. Jay Cutler then called it quits and the reins of the team were handed over to rookie Caleb Henie, who went on to do a surprisingly good job, making Cutler look even worse in the process. The Chicago defense came alive in the second half, but lacking the firepower to bounce back into the game, the Bears eventually succumbed, sending the Pack to Texas. Although after the first half, the Packers left little doubt about their legitimacy as championship contenders, the second half was an entirely different stretch, exposing their vulnerability and hanging a huge question mark over their ability to compete toe to toe with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.

The other game of the weekend saw the Steelers take on the Jets on Heinz Field. This game was an entirely different affair, and had the Jets been able to connect on a play or had their defense managed to tackle anybody, it could’ve turned out in a radically different way. This way however, even though a Jets – Packers Super Bowl seemed like a dream of a match-up for everyone in New York and New Jersey, what we’ll have is a confrontation between two teams with the most NFL history and the most success as far as Championship games are concerned, and I’m pretty certain we won’t hear anyone outside of New York and New Jersey complain about that. The Steelers have won more Super Bowls than any other NFL team and a win in the Super Bowl XLV will almost certainly propel them to dynasty status.

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