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NFL playoff updates

We’ve reached the stage of the Conference Championship Games and it has become crystal clear that this is the season of the low seeds. The Jets and the Packers may indeed be heading in the direction of a Super Bowl which will feature – for the first time in NFL history – two non-division winners, two 6th seeds no less. How likely is it for these two 6th seeds to meet in the Super Bowl though? According to experts, it wouldn’t be a long-shot.

The Packers certainly consider themselves a Championship caliber team, and after the win they pulled off over the Atlanta Hawks, who is to contradict them? Their path to the NFC Championship Game was indeed littered with big plays and if they can keep that pace up, we’re likely to see them in the Super Bowl. Packers’ linebacker AJ Hawk said that his team had high ambitions and that being a Championship caliber team didn’t mean stopping at the Conference Championship game for them. They have much higher goals. Wild cards have traditionally done well in NFL postseasons in the past, making it not only to the Conference Championship Games, but all the way to winning the Super Bowl. Wild cards have made the conference finals in 05, 08 and this year.

Sunday, Gang Green will be matching skills with the only team that’s ever made it to the Super Bowl as a 6th seed, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Needless to say, both teams are coming off great wins, but the Jets seem to have more of a momentum going. The Bears’ offense did a good job at showing its claws dispatching the Seattle Seahawks last weekend and according to tight end Greg Olsen, they can still improve heaps. It is also true though that last time around, the Bears’ offense was up against one of the worst defenses in the league, and next weekend they’ll be squaring off against the Packers’ defensive machine which is an entirely different affair. What this game will come down to is whether the Bears are able to slow down Aaron Rodgers.

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