7'1" Timofey Mizgov Stuffed By The Rim On Dunk Attempt (Video)


When you’re 7’1”, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be able to dunk a basketball. You should hardly even have to jump to grab the rim. At least, that’s what I thought until yesterday.

During a preseason game against the Lakers yesterday, Timofey Mizgov, all 7’1” of him, blew a dunk in spectacular fashion.

The Nuggets’ center rose to the hoop uncontested, reared back with one arm and sent down a thunderous slam…right into the rim.

Check it out:

Yes, in case you were wondering, this is the same Timofey Mizgov who was abused by Blake Griffin during Griffin’s 2012 dunkfest against the Knicks.


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