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6'10" Thunder Rookie Mitch McGary Barely Reaches Rim On Dunk Attempt

A handful of top NBA rookies held an impromptu dunk contest at the Panini America Rookie photo shoot recently, and the results were awesome.

Glenn Robinson, Zach LaVine, Andrew Wiggins, and Nick Stauskas all threw down sweet dunks that had NBA fans everywhere asking: should a rookie slam dunk competition be an annual event? If this sampling of clips is any indication, the answer to that question is “absolutely.”

First, let’s take a look at the dunks of the aforementioned rookie stars. Then, we’ll get to Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Mitch McGary, who looked, let’s just say, out of place during his attempt.

Robinson’s 360 Windmill:

Zach LaVine’s off-the-wall dunk:

Andrew Wiggins smooth behind-the-back move:


Now, let’s get to the good part: Mitch McGary.

McGary looked un-athletic at best during his dunk. He starts off by tossing the ball in the air and awkwardly rolling backwards. He then gets up and looks like he’s running through mud on the way to the hoop before just barely jumping high enough to throw the ball down. Keep in mind he’s 6’10”.


At Michigan, McGary was regarded as a hustle player who made up for his lack of athleticism with skill and conditioning. The Thunder better hope he has those last two traits in droves, because McGary looked more like a washed up high school star than an NBA player in this clip.


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