6 Or 23? Another Tough Decision For LeBron James


LeBron James’ decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers sent shockwaves throughout the basketball community. Of all the free agent signings this summer, LeBron’s was the most important. However, James has a few more items to attend to before he hits the court for Cleveland next season.

One of the biggest decisions James faces is selecting the number he will wear.

James took to Twitter to ask fans if he should wear the number 6 or 23 next season. When James began his career with the Cavs, he wore 23. However, once James made his way down to Miami, he began to wear 6.

James included a link to a post on his Instagram via Twitter. The post featured a picture split down the middle with two different versions of James. Both sides feature LeBron in a Cleveland jersey. On one side, LeBron is wearing the number 6, and on the other side he is wearing the number 23.

The post received mixed responses regarding which number to choose.

For the fans whose hearts broke after James left for the Heat may not want to see James dawn the numbers 23 or 6. Although hurt by how LeBron’s decision to leave, Cleveland is looking forward to a fresh start with the best basketball player in the world. A new number would be part of this new beginning.

Back in 2009, James voiced his opinion about retiring the number 23 from the NBA to pay tribute to Michael Jordan. Jordan wore 23 during his entire career minus the 1994-1995 season when he wore the number 45. James, who wore the number 6 when he began playing for the Heat, may continue to wear 6 out of respect for Jordan.

James’ decision on what number to wear is not as important as his decision regarding where to play. Either way, James should see a healthy increase in jersey sales this coming season.


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