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50 Cent Calls Out Floyd Mayweather for Ducking Quality Competition

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cent have a very interesting relationship. Both claim they are still friends, however, everything that comes out of their mouths seems to indicate that the opposite is true.

You will recall, last year, this dynamic duo was practically inseparable. Movie premieres, boxing matches, press conferences – you name it, they attended it together. It got to the point where their relationship was bizarre, because no two celebrity friends in the business hung out quite as much as Mayweather and 50 Cent did. Then, almost as quickly as their relationship heated up, it proceeded to cool day. Way down. Twitter beefs, shady public statements and the breakup of their short-lived joint boxing promotion made it clear that things had gone awry.

While nobody knows what started their beef, it is evident that there is some friction between Mayweather and 50 Cent. It practically bleeds through every single thing they say about one another.

During a recent interview with Ring, 50 Cent took a couple of hilarious shots at his ‘friend.’

"It started with me wanting to collaborate with Floyd because I don't see anything else that he's passionate about," 50 Cent said, when asked how he and Mayweather began working together. "If you don't have income away from boxing when you're not boxing, what can you expect? I was trying to help develop what happens for him following fighting. I hear him think out loud and say 'I think I got two or three more left in me.'"

Later, during that same session with reporters, someone reportedly noted that they were impressed with the quality of competition Mayweather has and will face.

50 Cent’s reply: "You must be down with the ducking and dodging then.”


Despite it all, though, the Queens-born rapper insists that he and Mayweather are as close as ever: "He's like my brother. You ever have an argument with your brother? Then you know what I go through."



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