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5 Worst QB Situations in the NFL: Vikings, Bills, Raiders and More

Football is a team sport, but the most important position has never been up for debate. Quarterbacks can make good teams great, but they can also take a solid team down a couple of notches. Looking at a team’s signal caller says a lot about where they are, but we all know that the Broncos, Patriots, and Saints are set at QB. Here are the league’s five worst quarterback situations.

5. Vikings

You know your QB isn’t doing so hot when your team makes the playoffs and he can still be mentioned among the league’s most inconsistent. For those who claim Ponder managed his team to the postseason and doesn’t deserve to be here, check out some of these numbers. Ponder managed to throw for less than 200 yards NINE times, including three inexcusable sub-100 yard performances.  A positive way to look at those stats is—why would you need to air it out with a RB like Adrian Peterson, to which I would counter—how can an NFL QB fail to top the century mark when the other team HAS TO WORRY ABOUT ADRIAN PETERSON? The Vikings are a potential top-5 offense with just a decent QB, so it’s make-or-break time for Ponder. 

4. Bills

Kevin Kolb was a bust for Arizona, and now he has a second change with the Bills. That’s not a good sign for the Bills. To be fair, Kolb lined up behind a Cardinal offensive line that would have a hard time containing a Kevin Ware pass-rush (too soon?) and still managed to lead Arizona to an early 4-0 record, but he won’t have Larry Fitzgerald to throw to in Buffalo. Kolb has never proven himself to be an NFL starter, and the Bills may look to find a long-term solution in the draft. Until the draft, Buffalo lacks a legitimate starter.

3. Raiders

Oakland is far-and-away the early favorite to finish 2013 in the NFL cellar, and the man lining up under center does not help those prospects. The Raiders earn the distinction of landing on this list not only because of their assumed starter—weak-armed Matt Flynn who has one respectable NFL game to his name—but also because Terrelle Pryor is actually in the conversation to be starter. A franchise can be defined asin turmoil” when a contender for starting QB wasn’t even considered a quarterback by many teams when he was drafted. Oakland is in for a long season.    

2. Jaguars

Correction: the Raiders aren’t the only team to be in this position because of one quarterback. Between the inconsistent Chad Henne and Blaine mistake-waiting-to-happen Gabbert, the Jags are rumored to be considering Geno Smith at number 2 in the upcoming draft. The only problem is that Jacksonville is so bereft of talent that they need to consider approximately 19 other positions with their top pick. To put it lightly, if a Jaguars QB has a great 2013 season, they are the hands-down MVP.  

1. Jets

Mark Sanchez. Mark.Sanchez.

Honorable Mention: Browns, Buccaneers, Titans          


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