5 Thoughts on Canucks' Win Over Predators


If you told me the Canucks and Predators regular season series would have eleven goals combined, I'd be skeptical, then overjoyed. The fact that they're was eleven tonight, leaves me sort of at a loss. Can't complain with the distribution of those goals as the Canucks got seven to Nashville's four. In trying my best to be entertaining, worth reading, etc. etc. I usually have some difficulty finding five quality thoughts worth jotting down. Not gonna lie, I have a hard time conjuring five thoughts in a day period. Today's challenge will be keeping it at five...

1. Your first star is...: Andrew Ebbett? And then some. The line he centered with Mason Raymond and Jannik Hansen led the charge offensively for the Canucks. As weird as it seems for the Canucks depth forward to have A three point game to his name, but he's actually got four over the course of his career. All of them with one goal and two assists. Tonight's three point effort was no different.

2. Welcome to the big leagues! Steve Pinizzotto finally got that elusive first NHL game under his belt, and he didn't disappoint. He got in on the forecheck early and made his presence felt with a thunderous hit on Kevin Klein and followed it up with a spirited tilt. I'm giving the decision to Pinizzotto. In only his first game in the NHL he eclipsed Keith Ballard's 0:00 in power play time as a Canuck by 0:19 to boot.

3. Tanev is unbreakable: If potentially injuring shot blocks were a stat, Chris Tanev would lead the league. Somehow though, he always comes back. He took a shot off his wrist against Minnesota last week, and took a Shea Weber slap shot off of his leg yesterday. Both times he went to the dressing room. Both times he came back. Was tied for the team lead with +3 too.

4. Seven for seven: As rare as it is for a team to score seven goals, it is even rarer to do so against the Nashville Predators. It is even rarer..er for all seven goals to come from different players. The lamp lighters include Ebbett, Raymond, Edler, Henrik Sedin, Booth, Lapierre and Hansen. David Booth's was his first of the season. It was an empty netter, but I'm not raining on his parade.

5. Lest we forget: The Canucks won one of a possible seven games without Bieksa in the lineup as he recovered from a groin injury. Not saying he's our best player, but he's well overdue for a Norris. Even when he has bad games, his presence lifts the team to victory. Like tonight, for example. He was on the ice, and even - arguably - the cause of a few goals against tonight. He even took a penalty that shouldn't have been called. Still, probably the main reason we won.

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