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5 Thoughts on Canucks' Win Over Flames

If you had told me with 10:00 left in the third period this game would finish with a combined five goals between the two teams, I'd be hysterical. The fact that this did happen, and four of them were by the Canucks makes it all the better. Other than those last ten minutes though, talk about a snoozer. Consider yourself lucky if for whatever reason you couldn't catch this one. The post-game recap and five thoughts though? well I'll find something to keep your attention...

1. Battle of the Almost-Leafs: In a surprise move, brought on by Cory Schneider's suffering from the flu, Roberto Luongo got his first start since March 18th. On the other side of the ice, Miika Kiprusoff. Both goalies were at some point expected to get moved to the Toronto Maple Leafs, yet there they were. Luongo was the better of the two with 40 saves on the night.

2. Shades of last year: Roberto Luongo was playing great and there was a ginger on the bench backing him up. Seems like it was only months ago that this was the norm. Different ging though. With Cory Schneider out with the flu the Canucks signed Dustin Butler for the day to back up Lu. The University of Calgary product was never called upon, but I certainly don't doubt his readiness. The camera panned to him several times and I'll be damned if I've ever seen a more focused backup. Not even once did I see him using Luongo's iPad. Such focus.

3. Made happy by Lappy: Yeah, that was bad. His tie-breaking goal though? that was awesome! Had he not opened the flood gates with about 8 minutes left in the third and notched the game winning goal I could totally see this game having made it to the shootout. That would be disastrous. For what it's worth though Lapierre had a great night up to that point as well and even had a few shorthanded chances. It wouldn't be a total stretch to say he accounted for at least four of the exciting five minutes in this game.

4. Wait, for how long? I could hardly believe my ears when John Garrett said it, but apparently tonight's power play marker was Daniel Sedin's first since January 25th. That would be the Canucks fourth game of the season. Maybe this has something to do with the power plays struggles...

5. What's the Kasquatch's excuse now? Whenever Zack Kassian struggles there's a million reasons why and none of them ever have anything to do with Kassian just not playing well. If that really is the case, just try explaining tonight to me. According to the scoresheet and hell, even the eye test, he was a virtual no-show tonight. The only stat Kassian registered was one faceoff win. This was playing alongside Kesler and Raymond, with the occasional Sedin shift following penalty kills.

J.D. @WeveGotTwins


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