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5 Thoughts on Canucks' Loss to Sharks

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The power play faltered and the Canucks lost a shootout. Believe it or not you can blame neither on Luongo; Schneider was in goal. Not sure how he affects the powerplay, but, well, Vancouver and all. The first period was kind of dull, but the last two and a half were all kinds of good. Were it not for a hot goalie and a couple weird bounces, and that gimmicky hockey like thing we call the shootout that extra point is all Canucks. These points and more in the WGT.

1. The Schneider Foundation, first goals for all: If it wasn't bad enough that Schneider gave up the first goal of the season to much maligned, pocket sized forward Scott "Pockets Full of Habs Fan Money" Gomez he had to give one of those up to former Jerry Springer body guard Adam Burish. If those two things weren't enough to make you projectile vomit on your keyboard, it was short handed too. Why not give one up to local boy Bracken Kearns too...

2. Ballard, your spot on the bench was kept warm for you: It won't be enough to satisfy anyone, nothing ever is, but Vigneault kept the blogospher and twitterverse from overloading with #FreeKeith tweets by giving him his first appearance in three games. He looked like, well, Keith Ballard at his finest. Mistake free and invisible for huge chunks of the game. Then The Lozenge, otherwise known as AV, pulled the rug from under him inbetween periods. In all seriousness though, lower body injury. No knowing how serious. #HealKeith!

3. This could ugly: Seriously folks, I'm calling for a deadline firesale if Kevin Bieksa doesn't return from injury and fast. How will our beloved Canucks carry on without perennial Norris defender B3 in the lineup as he suffers through his groin injury? In all seriousness though, the Canucks have lost every game without Bieksa in the lineup. Typical.

4. The "Blender" never fails: Not gonna lie, I was little more than sceptical of the decision to move Raymond to center, but his line has been the best non Sedin line the Canucks have put out there. Their speed and ferocity on the forecheck was wreaking havoc on the Sharks defensemen. Their best shift of the game they pinned the Sharks in their end for a considerable amount of time, moved the puck well and used a good screen to tie the game at twos. The best player on the line, Jannik Hansen who scored the goal with Higgins screening in front.

5. The goal will come, eventually: If Booth was half as good coming down the wing with speed as he was at hunting "wild animals" he'd be a perennial thirty goal scorer. Here's to assuming he trades some skills with a rifle for some with a stick. The chances keep on coming and he's really throwing the body around. Have to think a goal will come soon.

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