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5 Interesting Green Bay Packers Facts Heading into Week 14

This past Sunday, the Green Bay Packers clashed with and, ultimately, defeated what many said would be their most legitimate regular season foe en route to perfection. Now, the defending champions just need to dispatch the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions to secure the first perfect 16-game, regular season stretch since the New England Patriots’ infamous run in 2007.

On the heels of the team’s statement win versus the New York Giants, here are five facts you should know heading into the week ahead:

  1. Kicker Mason Crosby did something unique this past Sunday. Coming into the Giants game, Crosby hadn’t kicked a game-winning field goal since Week 1 of his 2007 rookie campaign. Part of the reason for this, of course, is the limited opportunities (five altogether) he’s gotten to have his Adam Vinatieri moment. Streak. Officially. Broken. [ESPN]
  2. Playoffs! With that win against New York, Green Bay clinched the NFC North and will head to the playoffs for the third straight year. But… [Yahoo! Sports]
  3. The San Francisco 49ers are still a pain in the you-know-what. Even though the Packers are a perfect 12-0 and locked up a playoff spot, they can’t clinch home-field throughout the playoffs because the shockingly hot Niners are 10-2 up to this point. On one hand, this means that the team can seek out perfection without the guilt that you’re inevitably showered with when you’re playing your starters in late-year situations where you clearly don’t need to play them. On the other hand, the defending champs may need to play their starters late, which wears guys down and increases the chance of injuries. [ESPN]
  4. The Packers are the greatest franchise in the history of humanity. Nuff said. [CHF]
  5. Aaron Rodgers is still pretty good. Against New York this past weekend, Rodgers racked up a 106.2 passer rating. Why is that big? Well, it extends his NFL record to 12 consecutive games with a passer rating of 100 or better. By the way, he’s also thrown for at least two scores in each game he’s played thus far this season. [Yahoo! Sports]

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