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5 Interesting 2011 Green Bay Packers Facts Going into Thanksgiving

The 2011 Green Bay Packers are on an annoyingly perfect streak that you just wouldn’t expect out of a team as abnormal as them. It’s almost as if the offensive and defensive players are trolling fans, what with the dominance of one and the complete, well, this of the other.

Nevertheless, a 10-0 record is a 10-0 record and as such, we at Opposing Views are bringing fans another edition of 2011 Green Bay Packers facts.

Here are five interesting thing to know about the defending champs heading into this week’s early outing.

Home field advantage is not guaranteed for Green Bay. You would think that the team with the best record in the league (10 wins and zero losses, no less) would be able to rest assured that playoff home field advantage was theirs. Or at the very least, be more assured of it than anyone else. Not the case here. With the San Francisco 49ers currently holding a 9-1 record and the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears both at 7-3, Aaron Rodgers and company are still two weeks away from even being able to clinch the NFC North. [ESPN]

Starting 10-0 puts the Packers in elite company. Here’s how it shakes down: all in all, 14 teams have started their year 10-0 in the Super Bowl era. Each one of those teams made it into the playoffs. Nine of those teams made the Super Bowl. Six won said Super Bowls. Them’s good percentages. [ESPN]

B.J. Raji joined elite company on Sunday. In the team’s win versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raji became only the fourth defensive lineman since 1970 to score a rushing touchdown. The others were William Perry in 1985, James Jones in 1993 and Shaun Smith in 2010. His reaction after the fact was particularly nifty: ““That’s a D-lineman’s dream,” Raji said. “Because you do so much that goes unnoticed, and for you to get a touchdown (is great), especially like I got it in the first drive of the game when it was kind of unexpected. I was actually sitting on my side of the bench just getting ready to go back in. And they called my number, and I’m glad I held onto the ball.” [ESPN]

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson has a secret. He’s white. Shhh! [Sports Illustrated]

Green Bay doesn’t trail in the fourth quarter. As of this very moment, the Packers haven’t trailed in the fourth quarter of a game in 15 consecutive showings. They are the eighth franchise and 10th overall team to accomplish this feat. Every single one of the teams reached a conference championship, and a third were able to repeat as champs. [Cold Hard Facts]

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