5 Green Bay Packers Facts You Need to Know Heading into Week 16

The defending champion Green Bay Packers watched their 19-game winning streak get broken by the unlikeliest of foes this past Sunday, ultimately falling to the Kansas City Chiefs 19-14. Predictably, chaos ensued with mothers choking their daughters, counterfeiters brazenly taking advantage of trusting Packers fans, and folks legitimately questioning some of head coach Mike McCarthy’s decisions.

Now, the team will look to rebound in Week 16 when it squares off against the always-entertaining but -- as a result of key injuries -- offensively-challenged Chicago Bears. Before we jump into this week’s showdown with both feet, though, here are five Packers facts you absolutely have to know:

1. The Packers still made history. By virtue of their 19-game winning streak, one that saw them put up nearly 34 points and 520 net yards per game on the opposition, Green Bay locked up the No. 2 all-time lengthiest winning streak in history. The New England Patriots are the only team to have ever done better, putting together a 21-game winning streak between 2003 and 2005. [Cold Hard Football Facts]

2. Never trailing in the fourth quarter is key to never losing. The Packers never trailed in the fourth quarter during their streak. That’s right – 19 consecutive games of never having to come back from behind was instrumental to this whole process. The 1942-43 Washington Redskins held the old record, having never trailed in the fourth quarter of 13 consecutive games. [Cold Hard Football Facts]

3. The Packers beat themselves last week. There has been a lot of talk about there now being some new nifty template as it applies to beating Green Bay from here on out. Truth be told, though, the defending champs did a lot to give the game away last Sunday. For the first time since the team’s last loss, the Packers didn’t force a single turnover. Mind you, this is a team that came into the game leading the league with 32 takeaways. [ESPN]

4. Aaron Rodgers needs to work on his fourth quarter comebacks. NFL MVP frontrunner and Packers leader Rodgers is a woeful 3-17 in career fourth quarter comebacks. The fact that this latest defeat came the first time all year that the squad had to come from behind in the fourth won’t do much to squelsh the criticism that this is Rodgers’ Achilles heel. [Cold Hard Football Facts]

5. Mercury Morris is less insufferable than you might remember him to be. Shocking as it may be to believe, the man who has made the ’72 Miami Dolphins the most hated group of old people since these guys was actually a little sad to see the Green Bay’s streak broken. Or at least that’s the story he’s peddling these days. “I wanted [the Packers] to hang out and make it more exciting" he told ESPN after the game. Right, of course he did. [ESPN]

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