5 DeMatha Catholic High School Football Players Kicked Off Team for Hiring Prostitutes

Five members of the DeMatha Catholic High School football team were removed from the program recently for allegedly hiring prostitutes.

Apparently the school frowns upon that sort of thing.

While details of what exactly transpired remain murky because this situation involves minors, the Washington Post has done its best to piece the story together based on the accounts of two sources – one of whom happens to be the parent of a kid that was involved.

Here is what we know as of this moment: last Saturday, following their school’s Friday night 38-point blowout victory over Hillside High School, the DeMatha players in question sought out the services of some pros. Somehow, they managed to do it right under the noses of the 18 adults who had accompanied them on the trip.

How is this possible? Well, DeMatha Principal Dan McMahon was asked to shine some light on that.

“I can’t comment on anything except to say when people are on field trips they are exceptionally chaperoned,” he said. “On this trip there was full coverage by supervisors and we are extremely pleased with the way we monitor kids and keep everybody safe.”


Unsurprisingly, one of the parents who spoke to the Washington Post had a slightly different take on the way DeMatha monitored its kids.

“My concern is where were the coaches and chaperones and how did this happen?” the parent said. “These are boys, you should have been on them, knocking on their doors. . . . Why are there [18] coaches at this hotel and kids are able to sneak three prostitutes in at 5 a.m.?”

While it’s not clear at the moment how exactly the boys’ plot to get some was ultimately uncovered, the means by which they did it has been revealed: the web. Apparently, you can hire prostitutes via the internet now.

We've come far.

Anyway, more information will undoubtedly trickle in over the next few days – it always does in these sorts of cases. As of now, one of the kids involved in this mess has withdrawn from DeMatha. More will probably follow suit.

(Kudos Washington Post)

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