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2010 ESPY Awards Reaction and Analysis

Worst Shameless Plug: Mark Whalberg, during the presentation of best female athlete, when he decided to pimp Entourage. I’d definitely rather see Andy Samberg, as Mark Whalberg, plugging Entourage. Samberg did however make a later appearance as Paul the Octopus, so I can’t exactly say I went home empty handed…

Robbed Nominee: Serena Williams. Sorry, Lindsey Vonn, but Serena’s the best athlete. Although if it helps, you look less manly in a dress.

Skit More Annoying than a Vuvuzela: Will Ferrell and Seth Meyers’ vuvuzela tribute in which Ferrell pretends to be the inventor of the vuvuzela (and also part bee) and talks with an annoying, humming drawl for 5 minutes.

Most Inspiring Moment: Presentation of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to the family of murdered high school coach Ed Thomas.

Most WTF Hairstyle: (Tie) Janelle Monae and Drew Brees. Cuz really Drew, as much as I adore you, what the hell is up with that bang? Although, it should be noted that Brittany Brees looks stunning!!!

Proud Mama Moment: Presentation of “Best Athlete” to Saints quarterback Drew Brees, which included a shout-out to his wife, son, future son, and me!! (Well, he said “the Who Dat Nation”, but I know what he meant.) Brees also won for Best Championship Performance and Best NFL Player. It’s virtually impossible for me to heart that man more…

Wet Panty Moment of the Night: Darren Sharper. Nuff said…

Presenter Most Likely to Make Me Question My Sexuality: (Tie) Sports Illustrated Model and wife of Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker and my eternal girl crush Erin Andrews

Moment Most Likely to Get a Giggle: Every Shot of a Smirking Jeremy Shockey…oh and the spoof of Lebron James’ “The Decision” featuring Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd.

Best Lebron James Zinger: Seth Meyers: “Did it really need to be an hour? Somebody time me. Miami. How long did that take? A second.”

Tearjerker Moment Despite Seeing it Coming a Mile Away: Presentation of Best Team to the New Orleans Saints. Sean Payton’s best quote in the acceptance speech?

“What was most unique about this team was, very quickly, we realized we were playing for more than just football. We were playing for the region and the city.”


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