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The 49ers New Stadium Is Still A Mess

The playing surface at the San Francisco 49ers new stadium has been torn up again.

Ground crews ripped out the sod at Levi’s Stadium for the second time in a week, but still insist the field will be ready for the 49ers’ September 14 home opener against the Chicago Bears.

The field was first ripped up in the days following the Niners’ August 17th preseason game against the Broncos. Players from both sides complained about the turf during the match. Three days later, coach Jim Harbaugh had to cancel a practice because payers kept tripping on divots on the field.

After ripping up the original field, the team laid down an extra thick layer of sod for the 49ers’ game against the Chargers last week. They say the sod was only meant to be a temporary fix, which is good because players say that surface was a mess too.

"It wasn't great. It wasn't good at all," Chargers linebacker Dwight Freeney said after the game.

So, as planned, that field is history too. Instagram user eperlin recently posted this picture of what the field looks like now. Hard to imagine this is what the team had in mind for the field this close to the start of the season:

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The San JoseMercury News reports that ground crews are also tweaking the sand base below the field in hopes of getting the sod to grow stronger roots. The team has 10 days before the field is scheduled to see significant action. On September 6, Mexico and Chile will play a friendly match at the stadium.

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