49ers Anthony Davis Shocked Fans Care About what He Says

Stop the presses.

Something truly, truly unique recently happened in the sports world. Be warned, it’s so shocking, so ridiculously unheard of, that you may not believe it when you read it.

A professional athlete did something dumb on Twitter.

If you listen closely right now, you just might hear the entire world collectively yawn and go back to looking at nude photos of Hope Solo.

After his San Francisco 49ers came up with a clutch, emotional 25-19 victory over the Detroit Lions this past Sunday, right tackle Anthony Davis decided that he had finally found the opportune time to antagonize people on Twitter. As you would expect, when actually he trolled folks who have an innate hatred for rich, spoiled athletes no matter what they do anyway, he got a bit of a chippy reception.

When Davis found on himself on the receiving end of that aforementioned chippy reaction, he didn’t respond particularly well. Instead of taking the high road, the right tackle opted for witticisms like this:

"Dont take twitter serious you end up coming off as a Dip---- w your correct grammar and all.. lol its entertainment loosen up (expletive)."


Anyway, shortly after it was brought to his attention that engaging random, nameless, faceless fans on Twitter and purposely agitating them wasn’t the wisest of public relations (PR) strategies, Davis deleted his tweets – albeit to no avail. As we’ve all come to learn over the years, once you make comments online, there is no un-making them.

"I was excited. I was having fun," Davis said this week when asked about what exactly happened.

"I deleted them because people, it meant too much to them, I felt. I didn't want to stress them out," Davis said, noting some fans were "out of control, just Lions fans. I understand. They were angry."

Silly invested fans who spend hard-earned money on NFL merchandise even in struggling economic times to prop up the richest professional sports league in America, Davis was just kidding.

Learn to take a joke, gosh.

Putting Davis’ ridiculousness aside for a moment, is it even surprising when athletes do something stupid on Twitter anymore? I find myself more shocked when I don’t see headlines regarding an athlete DMing explicit photos or, blasting the American government or, saying something generally nonsensical than I do when I see one.

Now, let’s return to Davis’ ridiculousness. Basically, he went onto Twitter after an emotional victory to brag and boast and be a general nuisance. Cool, good decision. Then once he successfully pushed everyone’s buttons, he reacted negatively to the negative reaction he was getting. Fine. But then, to make more of a story out of this non-story, he went back and deleted the tweets even though they clearly accomplished the original objective of irritating fans? How does that make any sense?

At least be proud of your waste of time, Anthony.

Anyway, trying to reasonably determine why athletes who say dumb things on Twitter do what they do should be reserved for people trying to get their doctorates in psychology, not us regular folk.

With this incident out of the way, though, it's time to take odds on who the next celebrity sports figure to have a Twitter scandal will be.

Jim Harbaugh has a Twitter account, right?


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