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Are Super Bowl XLVI Tickets Enough for 400 NFL Fans?

As you already know, 400 paying fans were locked out of the Cowboys Stadium for the Super Bowl XLV, on account of a technicality: the organizers were apparently too late building an additional seating structure, which eventually failed to gain the approval of the fire marshal.

In an attempt to make up for the appalling glitch, the NFL invited the 400 disgruntled spectators onto the turf after the game, where they received food, beverages and $2,400 in compensation for their voided tickets. To top it all off, they also got a free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl. The question is: was this type of compensation satisfactory?

After all, many of these people purchased their tickets on the secondary market, often parting with as much as $3.5k for each. Also, many of them quite literally drove from halfway across the country just to see the game.

Sure, the compensation is nice but provided that next year two different teams will play in the Super Bowl (which is highly likely) the tickets will lose some of their value for the fans to whom they’ve been handed. Of course, if it’ll come to selling them, they will retain every single cent of their worth.

The goal the NFL sought to achieve through this move was obvious: they wanted to avoid the public relations nightmare which could’ve well been averted by simply completing the construction on time and on target and acquiring all the necessary approvals for it.

Patching up the Super Bowl XLV’s image once the harm has been done is mere damage control. Now, the event meant to go down in the history books as the greatest Super Bowl of all time, may very well go down as the most blunder-ridden Super Bowl of all time nonetheless.

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