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4 Biggest Surprises of 2013 MLB Season: Angels, Red Sox, Rockies and More

Baseball has always been one of the most unpredictable sports in the world. So far, 2013 has been no different. Here are some of the biggest surprises so far this season:

Matt Harvey

            The 24-year-old right-hander from New London Connecticut is showing us that the small sample size he gave us last year might not have been a fluke. Harvey has been regarded for a while as one of the Mets top pitching prospects, but I don’t think anyone saw him being THIS good, THIS soon.  In 3 starts Harvey has gone 22 innings while allowing 2 ER, 6 hits, while striking out 25. The Mets have won all three of Harvey’s starts and the 6’ 4’’ righty has actually put up better number in the majors than he did in the minors so far. Someday soon Harvey will have to come back down to earth, but the question is, how far will that actually be?

Colorado Rockies

            It is well documented that Coors field is a hitters ballpark, however, so far this season, the Rockies have only played 5 of their 14 games at home and still are 2nd in the MLB in runs and 1st in OBP and SLG. Not only that, but their rotation has been serviceable, with the 8th most quality starts in the majors to date. Granted, 6 of their wins have been against the Padres, but still, no one would’ve seen this start coming.

Red Sox big three

            Bucholz/Lester/Dempster and the Sox bullpen have carried the Red Sox to a 1st place standing 14 games into the season. The 1-2 punch of Lester/Bucholz has combined to go 5-0 with only 4 ER in 41 innings, while Dempster appears to be headed towards a bounce back season with 25 strikeouts in only 17 innings. Overall, the Sox have the 2nd best team ERA behind only the Atlanta Braves. If the Red Sox really want to stay competitive they will need to continue to get this kind of production from the front end of their staff.

Angels Offense

            We expected the Angels rotation to struggle, at least somewhat, especially once Weaver got hurt…which they have, posting a team ERA of 5.43, good for 30th dead last in the MLB. What we didn’t expect though, was the struggles of their offense. The angels are barely averaging 3.7 runs per game through 14 games. The good news is, their team average and slugging percentage seem to be trending in the right direction (7th and 8th in the MLB respectively), so maybe a turnaround is near. It better be soon though, because the Angels have to be having flashbacks of last year.

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