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320-Pound Quarterback Jared Lorenzen Still Has the Moves (Video)

Jared Lorenzen, a former quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats and back-up quarterback for the New York Giants, has become a star in the Continental Indoor Football League. reports that Lorenzen weighed 285 pounds while with the Giants, but has ballooned up to 320 pounds and is still playing quarterback.

According to the Northern Kentucky River Monsters website, Lorenzen recently re-signed with the team, which he played for back in 2011 when he passed for 3,473 yards and 81 touchdowns.

"I field several times a day the question is Jared coming back?" stated River Monsters Head Coach Brian Schmidt. "Today is a day that I can definitely say yes, and a day River Monster Fans can be excited for. Having a QB the caliber of Jared improves not only the River Monsters, but league as a whole. "

A Vine user posted a short video (below) of the chubby player in action.

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