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3 Reasons Packers Fans Shouldn't Worry

After a devastating loss to the undefeated Bears on Monday night, the fans of the cheese hat may have a few questions about whether their Packers are as good as they thought. Well, here are three reasons why Green Bay is still a Super Bowl contender.

Reason number 1: The Packers committed a team-record 18 penalties on Monday night. They basically gave the game away and still only lost by three points on a last second field goal. It’s said that good teams don’t hurt themselves by making dumb mistakes. But good teams do have bad games every once in a while, and this was definitely the case in their loss to the Bears. Giving up 152 yards in penalties is about as bad as it’s going to get for Green Bay. They didn’t let Chicago beat them.  The Packers beat themselves.

Reason number 2: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense score tons of points. The NFL is currently in an offensive era. No longer do teams make it to the Super Bowl because of their stunning defense and rules are being changed every year to favor the offensive side of the ball. To win games in this day and age you need a good offense, and the Packers currently have one of the best.

Reason number 3: The NFC North ranks among the weakest divisions with the NFC West and AFC West. The Lions are the Lions, Favre is seemingly out of magic in Minnesota, and the Bears may be the most overrated 3-0 team in the NFL. They beat Green Bay in, what will be, the Packers worst game of the season, and beat Detroit after a technicality cancelled out the game-winning touchdown catch. Eventually Chicago’s luck will run out and the Packers will rightfully take their spot at the top of their division.

So you see Wisconsin, although the temperature will be painfully cold in January, cheering for your Packers should be more than enough to warm you up. 


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