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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Will Torn ACL Keep Todd Gurley Out Of The First Round?

One big question going into the 2015 NFL Draft will be the future of Todd Gurley. His physique and ability alone should be enough to have him taken in the first round. The question mark is his surgically-repaired knee.

Gurley rushed for 773 yards and eight touchdowns in his first six games in 2014 before serving a four-game suspension for accepting money for his autographs. In his first game back from suspension, Gurley suffered a season-ending injury when he tore his acl. In his three seasons with Georgia, Gurley rushed for 3,285 yards, 36 touchdowns and averaged 6.4 yards per carry.

Gurley’s field vision, power and quickness has earned him comparisons with Marshawn Lynch. Like Lynch, Gurley uses his power to run over defenders, and has enough vision to find holes and use his quickness to hit those running lanes.

His biggest weakness is obviously his knee and his ability to stay healthy. If Gurley can prove that his surgically-repaired knee is 100%, then surely a team will take him in the first round. Some experts say he could go to the Colts at 29—a team that desperately needs another offensive weapon to help Andrew Luck. Another possibility is the Sehawwks with the 31st pick if they decide to trade Lynch before the season.

Source: NFL, CBS Sports / Photo Credit: CBS Sports


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