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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Is The Third QB Worth A First-Round Pick?

As the NFL Draft approaches, the top two quarterbacks are becoming clearer and clearer. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota sit at the top of the QB class, but the question is who will be number three? Is he worth a first-round pick?

The picks for the third best quarterback of the 2015 class are — in no particular order — Bryce Petty, Brett Hundley and Sean Mannion perhaps a bit behind the first two.

Out of the top 10 picks in the draft, there are arguably five teams that could be looking for a quarterback. Depending on their outlook, the Titans could take a QB at number two, although they could choose to stick with Zach Mettenberger. There have also been talks about the Raiders possibly taking a QB despite having Derek Carr in Oakland. The Jets and Rams are also looking for a QB.

The Eagles remain a big contender to trade up in order to get Marcus Mariota, but if they are unable to take one of the top two QBs, Mark Eppel from says they are better off passing on the third QB.

“This is a two-quarterback draft, period,” Eppel wrote.

He isn’t alone when it comes to the rest of the QBs. One college talent evaluator for an NFC team agrees completely.

"None of the above,'' he answered to the best QB after Mariota and Winston. “There isn't anyone else. That's it. The rest of them aren't any good and they're not going to be any good.''

That’s a bit harsh but these guys are scours for a reason. They think some teams will panic and take one of them because of the nature of the position, but most agree that they should not go in the first round.

@rabblerousr for SB Nation’s Blogging the Boys believes Petty would be a great fit for the Cowboys but not for a first or even second round pick.

“Whatever the case, he'll almost certainly need a couple of years of coaching before he can be relied on to take any meaningful snaps,” he said. “The Cowboys don't need a starter right away, so they can give him this time to develop.”

Souce: SB Nation, / Photo Credit: Flickr


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