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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Ron Jaworski: Marcus Mariota Will be First Pick Overall

With the 2015 NFL Draft now less than three weeks away, the first overall pick could be changing. Jameis Winston has been the anticipated top pick for months now, but ESPN’s Ron Jaworski appeared on CSN’s Philly Sports Talk and said he believes it will be Marcus Mariota.

"The latest I'm hearing now from my sources around the league, who are pretty wired in, is that he's going to go No. 1 now to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers," Jaworski said.

Jaworski explained that there is a specific reason for this switch from Winston being the top prospect to Mariota.

"Mariota's stock, remember it was quiet for a while?" Jaworski said. "And there's a reason for that. There's a lull every year until about 30 days before the draft. Now the coaches get involved. Prior to that, it's the scouts, it's the roadies that are filling out the paper work. Now the coaches get involved. Now team owners get involved. Now general managers get involved. So you're starting to see, in my opinion, Winston's stock starting to slide a little bit and Mariota's stock starting to go up a little bit."

Jaworski has been involved with the league and sources for a long time and his explanation makes a great deal of sense. Does this mean Mariota will go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Well, according to Mariota’s former coach at Oregon, Chip Kelly, the Bucs should definitely take Mariota.

"I'll give you a little bit of information on how much Chip Kelly loves Marcus Mariota," said Jaworski. "This is the time of year when everyone talks, and I talk to general managers, I've talked to player personnel directors, and I've heard it from a couple or three people that have had conversations with Chip Kelly, and Chip Kelly said, 'Marcus Mariota will win multiple Super Bowls in the National Football League.'”

More and more questions arise as the draft gets closer, but the only way to answer all questions is to wait to hear who Roger Goodell calls with the first pick April 30 in Chicago.

Source: ESPN, / Photo Credit: Flickr


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