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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Redskins Will Take Marcus Mariota If Available

Much has been discussed about Marcus Mariota and where he will end in the draft. Will the Buccaneers surprise everyone and take him first overall? Will the Titans stick to Zach Metenberger or give Mariota a shot at No. 2? Will the Eagles trade up to get him?

One team has hasn’t been mentioned at all is the Washington Redskins, but that has now changed.

According to ESPN analyst John Clayton, the Redskins would take Mariota at No. 5 despite having the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner.

"Honestly, (people say Mariota) may fall to the Jets; he’s not gonna fall to the Jets at six, I’ll tell you this right now,” Clayton said. “The Redskins will take him at five. Dan Snyder may not think there’s quarterback issues; Jay Gruden and everybody else in the front office thinks there’s quarterback issues. And if Marcus Mariota falls to five — now it’s not a position where they’re desperate enough to trade up to get him — but if he falls to five, I’m telling you this right now, they’ll take him.”

That’s an interesting take because most people did believe he would fall to sixth where the Jets would take him and try to make him the franchise quarterback. But of course, Clayton could be wrong, or the Redskins could be saying this for different reasons.

Washington could be trying to spark other teams to have to trade higher than sixth, or simply making other teams believe that they would take him fifth to get teams to offer more for a trade.

It seems as though the only person in the organization that believes the Redskins don’t have an issue at the quarterback position is owner Dan Snyder. Others around the team believe there are some issues because Griffin has had a few disappointing seasons and injuries since being drafted second overall in 2012.

Come April 30, it will be interesting to see if the Redskins really would take Mariota at No. 5, or they are just playing head games with other teams around the league. Despite the Eagles being linked to Mariota, Clayton doesn’t believe there’s any chance they will take him.

“They’re not getting him,” Clayton said. “It’s even more impossible now that they gave away a second-round pick in 2016, because they’re losing all the pieces they [have] to try to move up in a trade. I mean, to get up in a trade like that you need ones and twos, and they just gave away a two as part of this deal to get Sam Bradford. So now they’re even further away from getting Marcus Mariota.”

Source: The Washington Post

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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