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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: NFL Pressured Winston Into Not Attending Draft

Jameis Winston recently said he is leaning towards not attending the NFL draft in Chicago, and instead he would like to stay home in Alabama with family and friends. According to Bleacher report, it turns out the NFL might have something to do with his decision.

“In talking to multiple league sources over the past week, don’t be surprised if the NFL put a little bit of pressure on Jameis Winston to not be there,” Jason Cole, NFL insider for Bleacher Report said.

Cole explains that the NFL is worried about protests happening for Winston being the number one overall pick after having to deal with cases like Gregg Hardy, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

“So there’s a pragmatic approach here; how do they mute the protest that’s likely to happen in the aftermath of Winston’s selection? This decision by Winston to not attend is an attempt to mute that reaction,” Cole added.

Winston met with Roger Goodell last week for approximately five hours. After the meeting, Winston has done a few things to keep a low profile, including dropping his Twitter account and announcing that he may not attend the draft.

Source: Bleacher Report / Photo Credit: AP via American News Team


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