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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Is Nebraska's Ameer Abdullah Worthy Of A First-Round Pick?

With the 2015 NFL Draft approaching, many players are trying to make a case for why they should get drafted and then try to prove it on the field.

More recently, Nebraska running back, Ameer Abdullah, feels confident he should get drafted before top running backs Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon.

"I think I'm the best back in this class. I'm not really worried about anybody else," Abdullah said.

Can anybody blame Abdullah for being confident with his talent? Or is he being overconfident? Gurley and Gordon have been the top two running backs in the eyes of most scouts and coaches, but Abdullah does have a point. In an interview after pro day in Nebraska on March 5, he said his biggest case to be included in that group is the film.

“Film,” Abdullah said. “Film doesn’t lie. I’ve been pretty productive throughout my career and saw improvement every year. You see a guy who was pretty good his first year, second year better, third year better and fourth year even better.”

Abdullah’s rushing touchdown numbers increased every year at Nebraska. He had three his first year, then eight, nine, and finished with 19 his senior year and 1,611 yards.

If Abdullah was seen as third best in the draft, some scouts might reconsider him after his pro day. He re-ran his 40-yard dash and ran it faster than in the combine. His combine time was 4.60, and his pro day times were in the range of 4.4 and 4.5.

His biggest setback is his 5-foot-9 frame that many scouts see as a weakness. The question will be whether or not a team will want to take in him in the first round before Gurley and Gordon, which I think teams will do — at least not in the first round. But he seems to disagree.

“I feel like I’m definitely worthy of a first-round pick,” Abdullah said.


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