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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Marcus Mariota Would Love To Play For Eagles

Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston keep battling to see who will be the first quarterback taken in the 2015 NFL Draft. Recent reports mention Mariota has leaped over Winston, which is bad news for the Philadelphia Eagles, which would love to draft Mariota.

Eagles head coach and former Oregon State University coach Chip Kelly has made it clear that having Mariota on his team would be a great fit because they both know each other, and Mariota knows the system well.

“It would be an awesome opportunity,” Mariota told "If you are able to know what is ahead of you, know what system or whatever team that you are a part of, it will make the transition easier for you, instead of kind of going into something unfamiliar and new."

The only problem is that the Eagles hold the 20th pick in the draft and it’s looking more difficult for the Eagles to trade up so high for Mariota.

The draft is set to start April 30 in Chicago, and crazy things happen before it, so we can’t count out Kelly and the Eagles making a move to bring Mariota to join his former coach.


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