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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Marcus Mariota To Meet With Titans April 9

Oregon State University quarterback Marcus Mariota spent the night in Nashville to meet with the Tennessee Titans on April 9, reports NBC Sports.

The second overall pick belongs to the Titans, and with Jameis Winston most likely going first to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mariota’s landing place is yet to be determined. Mariota had a private workout with the Buccaneers on April 7, so nothing is written in stone yet.

The Titans have Zach Mettenberger as quarterback, but it is still unknown whether they will stick to their sixth-round pick from the 2014 draft, or if they will take Mariota in 2015. If they decide not to take Mariota, they could trade their pick to a team that wants the Heisman Trophy winner, in exchange for another team need.

One other need for the team would be a pass-rusher, which is why some experts expect the Titans to take Leonard Williams from University of Southern California with the second pick. They brought in Williams along with some other pass rushers, which just makes everything else more confusing.

All the confusion will have to wait until April 30, when Roger Goodell calls out the second overall pick, whether it’s the Titans or one of the many teams that are looking to trade up for Mariota.

Source: NBC Sports

Photo Credit: Flickr


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