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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Kevin White: 'I Bring A Lot More To The Table' Than Amari Cooper

The 2015 NFL Draft is a month away now and questions are still arising from all angles. One of those questions is who will be the first wide receiver taken: Alabama’s Amari Cooper, or West Virginia’s Kevin White.

Well, White seems to have an answer for that, although a bit bias. In an interview with Pro Football Talk, White said he believes he is a better pick than his counterpart.

“Amari Cooper is a great receiver, a great competitor, but I think I bring a lot more to the table,” White said. “He’s at Alabama with Nick Saban. They have a whole bunch of other tools that help him out where he’s not getting double covered. A lot of attention is not just strictly on Amari Cooper…On West Virginia it’s just ‘OK, let’s shut Kevin White down.’ They have a lot of attention toward me.”

White does have a valid point about the attention he got with the Mountaineers, as opposed to Cooper with the Crimson Tide. But Cooper also has numbers and hardware to back up his talent. He was named the 2014 Fred Biletnikoff Award winner for being the best wide receiver in college football, and was also a Heisman Trophy finalists.

White also mentioned the fact that he had limited time in college football, as he transferred from a JUCO, as opposed to Cooper’s time. White could prove to get better and better as he gets more experience in the NFL. He was the size, speed and ability to become a superstar, while Cooper, has already shown he can be that elite receiver for an NFL team.

Regardless of who goes first, the other will not have to wait too much longer for their name to be called. Most experts have them both going early in the first round; either Cooper or White going fourth to the Raiders, and the other going seventh to the Bears, tenth to the Rams, or twelfth to the Browns.

But all we can do now is talk about it and wait till April 30 to see whose name is called first in Chicago.

Source: Pro Football Talk  / Photo Credit: Associated Press/Chris Jackson via Bleacher Report


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