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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Jameis Winston Sued For Sexual Assault Encounter

Jameis Winston has been involved in many talks in the last few weeks, but the latest one doesn’t involve a workout or combine. The woman who accused Winston of sexual assault in December 2012 filed a civil lawsuit against him on April 16.

The lawsuit filed by Erica Kinsman in Orange County, Florida, accused Winston of sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment and intentionally inflicting "emotional distress" during their December 2012 off-campus sexual encounter in Tallahassee, Florida, reports Tampa Bay Times.

"Jameis Winston... has proven time and time again to be an entitled athlete who believes he can take what he wants," Kinsman's attorney, John Clune, said. "He took something here that he was not entitled to and he hurt someone. There are consequences for that behavior and since others have refused to hold him accountable, our client will."

Winston was not charged after their encounter a few years ago, and he was also found not guilty of violating school conduct codes during a Florida State University hearing in December. Winston’s attorney, David Cornwell, said in a statement that the civil suit was expected.

"This stunt was expected. Ms. Kinsman's false accusations have already been exposed and rejected six times. This time will be no different. Mr. Winston welcomes the opportunity to clear his name with the truth," Cornwell's statement read. "Mr. Winston is looking forward to the upcoming draft. He will not permit this ploy to distract him as he begins the journey of fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a championship quarterback in the National Football League."

The timing doesn’t work in Winston's favor, as he is two weeks away from the NFL Draft, in which he is expected to be a top pick. Winston’s biggest downside has always been his off-field issues, and no one knows if the team executives will turn a blind eye to the lawsuits. The other option for teams is to take a risk and use their first round pick — Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the first overall — to select the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Source:, Tampa Bay Times

Photo Credit: AP via American News Team


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