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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Guess All 32 First-Round Picks, Win $1 Million

NFL teams usually spend loads of money on college prospects to change the fate of their franchise around draft time, but one team is offering to pay $1 million to the fans.

Washington Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder is offering any football fan who can guess all 32 picks in the upcoming Draft the $1 million, but it may be as close to impossible as something can get.

One thing that may help fans out is the fact that you don’t have to correctly guess which team the player is going to, as long as you get the slot right. For example, if you guess Marcus Mariota going second, which is the Titans pick, but someone ends up trading for that second spot to take Mariota, then you would still get it right.

If you think this is hard, then you are completely right. According to SB Nation, out of 43 examined mock drafts last year, no one guessed more than eight players in the correct spot. So all you have to do is guess all 32 right!

If you are looking for an easier contest, you can try the Titans’ challenge. You only have to guess the first 15 picks, but the downside is that you would only win $50,000. So don’t mind me, as I am about to fill in my mock drafts. It’s worth a shot.

Source: CBS Sports / Photo Credit: Flickr 


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