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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Bucs Owner Approves Of Team Drafting QB With First Pick Overall

There is not much doubt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will select a quarterback with the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Joel Glazer, co-chairman of the team, said in an owners’ meeting that he approves of the Bucs selecting either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota on April 30.

"With anybody we're looking to draft, we do an extensive amount of work on their background, history and all that," Glazer said. "We spent time with Jameis and Marcus and went into everything into their background. After everything we've done and where we're at right now, we're comfortable where Jameis is at, we're comfortable with Marcus or whoever else it could be."

Glazer said that he trusts his head coach, Lovie Smith, and General Manager Jason Licht to make the right decision despite the Bucs record of 2-14 in 2014. He believes they are the right people for the job and that 2014 will only serve as a learning experience for everyone.

"We look at everything as live and learn," Glazer stated. "So if there was an experience that happened and certain things didn't work out, to us it's more important to look into why it didn't work out and make sure we don't repeat the errors of the past.

"That's an area where I've spent a lot of time with Lovie and Jason," he added. "And there is no doubt, they're two people who would, A, admit a mistake if there was a mistake and move on rather than dig a deeper hole. And B, work to find out why this thing happened and correct it going forward."

Both Mariota and Winston are ranked as the top two quarterbacks in the draft and besides picking one or the other, the Bucs are expected to take another quarterback to fill that void.

Source: ESPN

Photo Credit: Flickr


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