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2015 NFL Draft Day Biggest Question: What Will Happen With The Second Pick?

The 2015 NFL Draft finally begins tonight at 8 p.m. ET, but questions still remain. One of the biggest topics of debate has been the Tennessee Titans’ second overall pick and it will not be put to rest until NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell shakes hands with the prospect.

Many different rumors have surfaced about what the Titans will do with the pick. Some say they will take Marcus Mariota, if he is available, while others say they will trade it to either the Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers or Philadelphia Eagles, reports The Washington Post.

Johnny Manziel has been a name talked about to be included in a trade to get the Browns the second pick. Another name is Sam Bradford, who was just recently acquired by the Eagles in exchange for Nick Foles. Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly has said he would really like to coach his former player Mariota, but it seems like it will take a blockbuster trade to get them reunited.

Although the Chargers were in serious talks about trading up for the pick, talks have quieted down and it looks like they are the least likely team out of the three to trade. They believe Philip Rivers will stay in San Diego for at least one more year.

Source: The Washington Post

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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