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2013 Super Bowl Preview: Joe Flacco vs. Colin Kaepernick

Take a look at the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks from the last decade: both Mannings, Brady, Roethlisberger, Brees, and Rodgers.  All of those guys are shoe in Hall of Famers, although some weren’t in that category at the time of their first Super Bowl. 

Will Colin Kaepernick or Joe Flacco fit into this category when we look back in a few years?  I have been as big of a skeptic of Joe Flacco as there is, but he has continually proved that he can win big games.  Kapernick has just busted on the scene, but has been dynamic.  History has shown us that it is extremely rare for a team to win a Super Bowl without a great quarterback.  So will the Ravens or the 49ers have the edge at the most important position on the field?

Joe Flacco has been great in the postseason.  Eight touchdowns and zero interceptions while throwing some deep balls made possible by him and him alone.  Flacco had a mediocre-at-best regular season but seems to have found his groove when the Ravens need it most.  Seriously, who would have ever thought that Joe Flacco could go into Foxboro and out-duel Tom Brady?  Not many, but he undoubtedly did.  Now will he be able keep up his hot play against that stout Niner defense?  I think so.  I think Flacco has as much confidence as anyone on the planet right now and if his offensive line can keep him on his feet he will move the ball.

Colin Kaepernick has been phenomenal.  He looks like a bigger, stronger Michael Vick in his prime.  His arm is pretty good, and his accuracy has been impressive but his legs are the game changer.  He has the potential to make a broken play into a huge gain and the Ravens defense hasn’t exactly been water-tight this season.  I think Kaepernick has a big day against the Ravens.  He will get his opportunities to move the ball and I think the only thing standing in his way of becoming a Super Bowl champion is himself.  Can a rookie QB with only a handful of starts really hold it together on the biggest stage in sports?  I’m not sure, but Kaepernick has been nothing if not surprising thus far.

I expect to see a great game by two good quarterbacks with completely different styles.  I expect to see some bombs by Flacco and some huge runs by Kaepernick.  Because of this, I think the quarterback position is a push.  I’m not saying the game will be decided in anyone else’s hands because it rarely works that way, but both guys are poised for big games and both guys are the pulse of their offense right now.

Next I’ll break down the wide receivers and running backs.


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