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2013 Super Bowl Breakdown: San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens Prediction

You have been listening to Super Bowl coverage for what seems like weeks.

You’ve heard all of the different reasons why each respective squad should win the Super Bowl.

So who wins?

Will Ray Lewis be able to inspire his defense one last time and end his illustrious career with a Super Bowl victory? Or will Colin Kaepernick continue his dream season and reward his coach for one of the gustiest decisions in recent memory?

A strong argument could be made for either.

I am going with the 49ers, though, for two reasons:

#1 Their physicality

Despite the fact that the Ravens have upset the two biggest Super Bowl favorites already this year (Broncos and Patriots), they have yet to face a team that’s even close to being as physical as the 49ers. That, added with the fact that I can’t talk myself into believing this is a different Ravens defense that was 20th against the run in the regular season, leads me to believe the 49ers could dictate play much more than the Ravens.         

Also, I don’t think Flacco will find the same amount of success he found against the Patriots. The 49ers secondary is heads and tails above the Patriots secondary, and the 49ers do a better job against the run as well.

#2 Colin Kaepernick  

Even though Kaepernick is a young quarterback, which makes it hard to predict how he will react on such a stage, I just have a feeling #7 gets the job done. Also, the Ravens have not faced anything close to a mobile quarterback this postseason. Oh, and I use the term “mobile” lightly, because it is an extreme understatement when referring to Kaepernick. After all, this is the same quarterback who ran for over 180 yards in his 1st career postseason game.  I think that aspect of Kaepernick’s game will lead to more big plays from the 49ers offense than the Ravens.

With that being said, the Ravens have proved doubters wrong this entire postseason already, so that could certainly happen again.

In the end though, I think Ray Lewis will have his team fired up and they will come out with plenty of emotion, but the 49ers to physical edge and Kaepernick’s athleticism will prove too much for Lewis and Co.

49ers by 6.

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