2013 NFL Week 7 Picks and Predictions


Peyton is headed back to the house that he built, Brady is getting Gronk back, and the Giants/Bucs try to get their first wins. Find out what will happen below:

(Cole Stevenson 44-27 overall)

(Bryan Zarpentine 43-28 overall)

Bryan Zarpentine: Tampa Bay 21, Atlanta 17 – Atlanta is in rough shape and won’t be able to score much against Tampa’s defense, and Mike Glennon will do enough to give the Bucs their first win.

Cole Stevenson: Tampa Bay 20, Atlanta 17 – As much as I want to pick Atlanta at home, their team is just in shambles right now. 

Bryan Zarpentine: Miami 24, Buffalo 17 – The Bills remain competitive and make it hard for Ryan Tannehill, but in the end Buffalo just doesn’t have the offensive weapons to win.

Cole Stevenson: Miami 27, Buffalo 20 – Ryan Tannehill will out score what has been a disappointing rushing attack for the Bills.

Bryan Zarpentine: Chicago 31, Washington 21 – The Bears are too talented on offense for Washington to slow down, and RG3 isn’t ready to get into a shootout with Jay Cutler.

Cole Stevenson: Chicago 30, Washington 24 – Haven’t seen anything from the Redskins that makes me a believer yet.

Bryan Zarpentine: Detroit 31, Cincinnati 26 – The home team gets the edge here, as the Bengals struggle to finish off drives in the end zone.

Cole Stevenson: Detroit 24, Cincinnati 20 – I have very little faith in Andy Dalton to win a close game.

Bryan Zarpentine: Philadelphia 49, Dallas 45 – Defense is optional in Philly this weekend, at least until Tony Romo turns the ball over at the most inappropriate time.

Cole Stevenson: Dallas 42, Philadelphia 38 – I know the Cowboys are banged up, but I think the Philly defense won’t be able to make the big play when it matters.

Bryan Zarpentine: Carolina 27, St. Louis 13 – The Rams can’t stop Carolina’s ground game, it’s as simple as that.

Cole Stevenson: Carolina 24, St. Louis 18 – Hard to tell if last week was the Rams being THAT good, or the Texans being THAT bad.

Bryan Zarpentine: New York Jets 20, New England 13 – Geno Smith was bad last week, which probably means he’ll be better this week.  He’s seen the New England defense before, but now they’re missing some key players, which helps Smith score enough points to beat Brady.

Cole Stevenson: New England 21, New York Jets 18 – After what Brady did last week, there is no way I can pick against him this week. He has owned the Jets lately.

Bryan Zarpentine: San Diego 31, Jacksonville 20 – The Jaguars could pull the upset, but you’d be a fool to actually pick a team this bad to win a game.

Cole Stevenson: San Diego 34, Jacksonville 21 – The Jags showed quite a bit of heart in Denver last week, but that will leave them emotionally drained.

Bryan Zarpentine: Green Bay 23, Cleveland 17 – The Packers still can’t break out offensively, but Brandon Weeden isn’t a threat to their defense.

Cole Stevenson: Green Bay 20, Cleveland 18 – This game could be really ugly offensively on both sides.

Bryan Zarpentine: Kansas City 28, Houston 6 – Case Keenum isn’t a bad quarterback, but he’s going to look bad against Kansas City’s defense.

Cole Stevenson: Kansas City 27, Houston 10 – Poor Case Keenum.

Bryan Zarpentine: Pittsburgh 16, Baltimore 10 – Mike Tomlin’s team isn’t giving up without a fight and they certainly have the defense that can slow down Baltimore enough to win at home.

Cole Stevenson: Pittsburgh 19, Baltimore 14 – I am not picking Joe Flacco the rest of the year. Completely done. 

Bryan Zarpentine: Denver 41, Indianapolis 24 – Peyton Manning feels right at home inside a dome and he orchestrates another brilliant offensive effort that’s too much for Andrew Luck to match.

Cole Stevenson: Denver 45, Indianapolis 27 – I’d love to see a close game, but Luck is no Manning in the regular season and Peyton will make that very clear.

Bryan Zarpentine: New York Giants 34, Minnesota 28 – Josh Freeman looks good against the Giant’s defense, but Eli Manning has way more weapons against an equally porous defense, giving the G-Men their first win of the year.

Cole Stevenson: New York Giants 31, Minnesota 24 – Eli finally throws it to the right team more often than the wrong team for 4 straight quarters.

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