2013 NFL Week 6 Picks and Predictions


This weekend was full of upsets in college football. Will it be the same in the NFL? Find out who our upset picks for week 6 are below:

(Bryan Zarpentine 36-21 overall)

(Cole Stevenson 35-22 overall)

Bryan Zarpentine: Cincinnati 20, Buffalo 7 – I don’t think Andy Dalton will light it up, but he’ll out duel Thad Lewis.

Cole Stevenson: Cincinnati 23, Buffalo 13 – Buffalo is starting Thad Lewis. That is all you need to know, really.

Bryan Zarpentine: Cleveland 20, Detroit 17 – I’m reluctantly putting some faith in the Browns, but they’ll slow down Reggie Bush and put some pressure on Matthew Stafford, and that’ll put them in position to win.

Cole Stevenson: Detroit 23, Cleveland 19 – No Brian Hoyer means the Browns won’t quite be able to keep up with Calvin Johnson and company.

Bryan Zarpentine: Green Bay 28, Baltimore 17 – The Packers will put it all together for a second straight week, as the Ravens can’t slow down Aaron Rodgers.

Cole Stevenson: Green Bay 27, Baltimore 23 – Can’t stand the way Flacco is playing and I am going to will Aaron Rodgers to a solid fantasy week.

Bryan Zarpentine: Kansas City 27, Oakland 13 – From 2-14 to 6-0; the Chiefs win in a different way, but they continue to win.

Cole Stevenson: Kansas City 28, Oakland 20 – I think this could be a little dicey if Pryor starts the way he did last week, but would be shocked by an upset here.

Bryan Zarpentine: Houston 20, St. Louis 10 – No one’s saying this is going to be pretty, but the Texans get their running game going enough to beat the Rams, who look like one of the worst teams in the NFC.

Cole Stevenson: Houston 24, St. Louis 16 – Matt Schaub will be playing for his job and the Rams defense at home might be just what the doctor ordered.

Bryan Zarpentine: Minnesota 20, Carolina 17 – The Panthers don’t win close games, as the Minnesota defense clamps down on Cam Newton late to secure the win.

Cole Stevenson: Minnesota 21, Carolina 18 – No faith in Cam Newton at this point.

Bryan Zarpentine: New York Jets 13, Pittsburgh 10 – This game isn’t as glamorous as their Monday night win, but the Jets are too good on defense and the Steelers are too bad on offense for Pittsburgh to get a win.

Cole Stevenson: New York Jets 18, Pittsburgh 13 – Hard to imagine this will ne an enjoyable game to watch.

Bryan Zarpentine: Tampa Bay 16, Philadelphia 13 – The Bucs have a defense that can slow Philly down, and against the Eagle’s defense, Tampa Bay will be able to score a few points and get their first win.

Cole Stevenson: Philadelphia 20, Tampa Bay 16 – This Tampa team has to prove to me that they are not a complete disaster before I pick them. 

Bryan Zarpentine: Denver 49, Jacksonville 13 – Peyton Manning sits out the second half after getting in a nice workout in the first half.

Cole Stevenson: Denver 100, Jacksonville 3 – I really hope this game isn’t televised in my area.

Bryan Zarpentine: Seattle 19, Tennessee 10 – This is a slugfest, but ultimately Ryan Fitzpatrick has no chance against Seattle’s defense.

Cole Stevenson: Seattle 22, Tennessee 9 – Seattle is at home and the Titans are starting Ryan Fitzpatrick. It may be a moral victory just to get in the end zone.

Bryan Zarpentine: New Orleans 31, New England 17 – Look who else is 6-0.  Tom Brady and company can’t keep up with Drew Brees, as the Patriots lose their second straight.

Cole Stevenson: New Orleans 27, New England 23 – If the weather is bad, I hold the right to switch this pick. Otherwise, Brees has way more weapons.

Bryan Zarpentine: San Francisco 23, Arizona 14 – The Cardinals still can’t get it going on offense, while the 49ers shake off another sluggish first half to secure the win.

Cole Stevenson: San Francisco 24, Arizona 17 – Carson Palmer throws two picks and the 49ers take care of business.

Bryan Zarpentine: Dallas 38, Washington 35 – Not exactly Denver and Dallas, but defense is certainly optional in this game.  RG3 looks good after an extra week of rest, but Washington’s defense can’t stop Tony Romo and company.

Cole Stevenson: Dallas 38, Washington 31 – Hard to imagine this defense stopping Romo enough to win on the road. Cowboys rebound from last week.

Bryan Zarpentine: Indianapolis 31, San Diego 17 – No way San Diego is slowing down Andrew Luck, who looks like he’s hitting his stride.  Phillip Rivers is unable to keep up on Monday night.

Cole Stevenson: Indianapolis 27, San Diego 23 – I feel like this game could be a lot closer than people think. Rivers has had some monster games this year.

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