2013 NFL Week 6 AFC Power Rankings: Broncos, Patriots, Chiefs, Colts, Dolphins and More


The AFC South went winless over the weekend, while the AFC as a whole went 1-4 against the NFC (patriots were the only win). What does that mean for the AFC Power Rankings though? Find out below:

#1 Denver Broncos

            Broncos managed to stay undefeated in their mini bye week against the Jaguars.

#2 New England Patriots

            This team still has Tom Brady. Which means they can never be counted out. Just ask the Saints.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs

            6-0 is impressive, but away from Arrowhead, can they score enough to keep up with the elite teams?

#4 Indianapolis Colts

            Were the Colts looking forward to next Sunday night against Peyton? Maybe, but this team hasn’t impressed me as much as it has others.

#5 Miami Dolphins

            Keeping faith in this team despite losing back-to-back games. Heck, they are still in line to win a Wild Card.

#6 Cincinnati Bengals  

            This defense is no joke. They have this team at 4-2 and 1st in the North. Granted, a very unimpressive 4-2, but still.

#7 Tennessee Titans        

            This team was so fundamentally sound…then Jake Locker got hurt and Ryan Fitzpatrick showed up.

#8 Baltimore Ravens

            Flacco seems to be getting worse and Ray Rice doesn’t get the ball enough. It’s hard to even watch the offense at this point.

#9 Cleveland Browns

            I think it is becoming clear that Brandon Weeden is not who the Browns hoped he would be in the NFL.

#10 San Diego Chargers

            I have thought this team was underrated from the get go. Phillip Rivers trails only Manning (the good one) and Brees for most passing yards.

#11 Houston Texans

            This team has way way way too much talent to be 2-4. They better step up as a group or someone is going to be the fall guy.

#12 New York Jets

            The Jets offense we all know and love was alive and kicking Sunday against the winless Steelers. Got to feel for the Jets defense, which is still really good.

#13 Oakland Raiders

            The Raiders had an abysmal second half in Kansas City on Sunday, but they have looked pretty decent for stretches this year.

#14 Buffalo Bills

            What an awesome story it would have been if THAD LEWIS has brought the Bills back to beat the Bengals. By the way, what has happened to C.J. Spiller??

#15 Pittsburgh Steelers

            The sad part is, based on the rest of the AFC North, if the Steelers can somehow start winning their division games, they could be right in the mix.  

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars

            Either stick with Chad Henne or go get Tim Tebow, but please PLEASE don’t let Blaine Gabbert get another start in the NFL.

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