2013 NFL Week 5 Picks and Predictions


As we head into week 5, there are plenty of questions to be asking. Will the Broncos continue to roll in big D? Will the Giants get their first win? Will the Pats and Seahawks stay unbeaten on the road? Here are you week 5 picks:

(Cole Stevenson 30-14 overall)

(Bryan Zarpentine 29-15 overall)

Bryan Zarpentine: Chicago 38, New Orleans 35 – The Bears get the ball last and Jay Cutler works a little 4th quarter magic.

Cole Stevenson: Chicago 34, New Orleans 31 – I need to see Rob Ryan’s defense win a shootout against a good team before I pick the Saints on the road.

Bryan Zarpentine: Cincinnati 21, New England 17 – The Patriots haven’t played well enough to get to 5-0, and the Bengals have a defense that can slow down a team without great skill players.

Cole Stevenson: New England 22, Cincinnati 18 – Losing Vince Wilfork is a huge loss for the Pats, but if they can take care of Matt Ryan on the road, they can take care of Andy Dalton.

Bryan Zarpentine: Green Bay 31, Detroit 24 – The Packers need this game more and Aaron Rodgers does enough to lift his team to victory.

Cole Stevenson: Green Bay 33, Detroit 26 – Feels like a must win for the Packers, at home, with two weeks to prepare. No excuses for Rodgers and company.

Bryan Zarpentine: Kansas City 24, Tennessee 13 – For once, Alex Smith will be the best quarterback on the field.  Ryan Fitzpatrick turns the ball over three times and the Chiefs stay undefeated.

Cole Stevenson: Kansas City 27, Tennessee 17 – With no Jake Locker, this should feel like a blowout. 

Bryan Zarpentine: Indianapolis 24, Seattle 14 – It’s not easy, but Andrew Luck eventually gets the ball in the end zone a few times against Seattle’s defense, as the Seahawks fall on the road.

Cole Stevenson: Seattle 24, Indianapolis 20 – I know the Seahawks have looked shaky on the road, but the Colts have also been anything but stellar at home (near loss to Oakland and lost to Miami).

Bryan Zarpentine: St. Louis 17, Jacksonville 7 – This game is ugly, but Sam Bradford makes a few fortuitous throws against the Jacksonville secondary, and that’s enough.

Cole Stevenson: St. Louis 24, Jacksonville 10 – This game is a must-win for the Rams, who have disappointed so far this year.

Bryan Zarpentine: Miami 24, Baltimore 16 – The Ravens can’t find much offense on the road, while Ryan Tannehill gets back on track after a tough Monday night in New Orleans.

Cole Stevenson: Miami 21, Baltimore 17 – Hopefiully the Ravens were telling the truth and are going to get Ray Rice the ball more, but you just get the feeling that Flacco will still be Flacco.

Bryan Zarpentine: New York Giants 34, Philadelphia 24 – The Giants finally put it together offensively, as it helps that they play the Eagle’s defense.

Cole Stevenson: New York Giants 31, Philadelphia 29 – The Giants have to win one eventually, right?

Bryan Zarpentine: Carolina 24, Arizona 10 – The Carolina defense continues to stifle a struggling Arizona offense.

Cole Stevenson: Carolina 20, Arizona 13 – I could see another ugly game like we saw last week with the Cardinals, but this time the offense they are up against can actually move the ball some.

Bryan Zarpentine: Denver 42, Dallas 21 – The Cowboys move the ball a little bit, but they don’t have the defense that can slow down Denver.

Cole Stevenson: Denver 38, Dallas 24 – Seriously, who is actually going to pick against the Broncos right now?

Bryan Zarpentine: San Francisco 20, Houston 10 – Matt Shaub’s lack of confidence shows against a good San Francisco defense, as the 49ers rely on their running game offensively to get the win.

Cole Stevenson: San Francisco 24, Houston 17 – I think last week was emotionally draining for the Texans and I am not sure they will be ready for this matchup.

Bryan Zarpentine: San Diego 27, Oakland 10 – There’s no way the Oakland defense can slow down Phillip Rivers enough to win, nor can the Oakland offense score enough points.

Cole Stevenson: San Diego 30, Oakland 20 –This almost feels like a little bit of a trap game, but Rivers should be able to do whatever he please against this porous Oakland pass defense.

Bryan Zarpentine: Atlanta 24, New York Jets 17 – The Falcons don’t win pretty, but they get a couple big plays from Julio Jones, while Geno Smith makes one too many mistakes on the road.

Cole Stevenson: Atlanta 27, New York Jets 17 –With a long week and a struggling Geno Smith coming to town, this is beyond a must win for the Falcons.

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